Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip 


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 Congenital Developmental Dislocation of the Hip (CDH) occurs in 1-2% of the newborns,up till now, it is estimated, that  the same number of newborns  babies with CDH requires the hip joint replacement as about 60 years ago ,when they were the clinical examined.


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Ultrasound screening DDH by prof.R.Graf

Preventive medical examination of hip joints according to R.Graf.

In 1978 Prof.R.Graf introduced ultrasound examination for diagnosis of hip joint and developed aprecise division and principles of treatment. Thus, it allowe dfor the detection o fany irregularity in the development of the acetabulum during the first days of a child’s life.

Early diagnosis and appropriate therapy helped him completely eliminates urgerie scaused b yCDH. This method is simple, cheap and effective, as I was able to realize during the semi-annual scholarship program in the hospital of Prof. R. Graf in Stolzalpe, where I had studied and later became a lecturer,as well as during multiple personal contacts to this day.

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 type D(up) decentirc hip  3 days newborn with normal  arterial supply at the  cartilage femoral head in power doppler

 the arrows show the arterial main supplay from a.circumflexa medialis (red)   ;

  Parallel projection  to artery  (yellow); Traverse projection to artery(green)  ; arterial supplay from a.lig.teres (blue)  

 the bony roof  severely deficient ,the bony rim flattened' the cartilage roof  dispalced;

obduction 60 degree 

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